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The Ultimate Sustainable Back-To-School Guide

Whether you’re heading back to campus this fall or turning your room into an at-home classroom, the chances you need fresh school supplies are high. If you are financially able to avoid Target (or avoid stuffing Jeff Bezos pockets by shopping on Amazon) we highly recommend you check out this sustainable back-to-school supplies guide. From beauty products to writing utensils, storage containers to eco-conscious electronic accessories, this guide will help you stay on top of your class without hurting the planet.

For Your Desk…

Sprout Plantable Pencil ~ $2.50

Yes, you read that right: plantable. Once you’re finished with these pencils, you can plant them to grow herbs. Incredible right? Choose from basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, and cherry tomato!

Wisdom Supply Co. Pencils & Pencils ~ $1.40 - $54.00

From boxes of 12 to boxes of 144, Wisdom Supply Co. has tons of eco-friendly pencils for all your note-taking, picture-drawing needs. Don’t forget to compost your shavings!

Decomposition Notebooks ~ $9.00

These notebooks are awesome because they are made with 100% post consumer waste recycled paper, and they come in a variety of fun colors and designs. By using PCW recycled paper, they have saved the equivalent of 40,000 trees and sixteen million gallons of wastewater. (I have five notebooks. And counting…)

Cardboard Binder ~ $6.50

These one inch 3-ring binders are perfect for organizing your loose papers. With a cloth tape spine and a removable, recyclable cover, simply place in your recycling bin when you're done! You: 1. Landfill: 0.

Undated Weekly Planner ~ $36.52

If you’re tired of thinking about 2020, try this eco-friendly undated weekly planner from Ponderlily. Printed on FSC recycled paper and adorned with a pretty cloth color, you can plan out all of your events in style.

For All Your Cleaning Needs…

Grove Collaborative Hand Soap Set ~ $18.95

Now more than ever we all need to be washing our hands (for at least 20 seconds) and Grove Collaborative’s foaming hand soap set makes that easy and guilt-free. Don’t worry about throwing out another plastic soap dispenser or washing harmful chemicals down the drain. On sale now.

Caldrea Countertop Spray ~ $10.00

No harmful chemicals or artificial colors here! Only vegetable proteins and plant derived ingredients that clean your home without the expense of your health. Responsibly packaged in the USA.

PurHome Laundry Detergent ~ $16.95

PurHome’s natural laundry detergent is made with biodegradable and organic materials and comes in a 100% recyclable bottle. Another ethical, sustainable, and clean small brand that is made in the USA. Yes please.

Common Good Glass Cleaner ~ $9.00

Yet another amazing small brand made in the USA: Common Good. This glass cleaner, like all their products, is safe from toxic chemicals and is biodegradable. Don’t forget to order a refill when you’ve run out!

For Your Skin & Smile…

Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Mist ~ from $22

Leaving class and your mask is making your face itch? Falling asleep at your Zoom screen? Herbivore’s all-natural balancing toner mist will help wake you up while soothing redness and unclogging pores. And don’t worry, the bottle is glass.

Sweet Leilani Mascara ~ $17.99

The quickest way to look awake and put together before class? Mascara. Luckily Sweet Leilani makes it easy to look fabulous while still being an eco-warrior. Cruelty, gluten, paraben, and fragrance free, this plumping mascara will lengthen and nourish your lashes all day long.

David’s Zero Waste Toothpaste ~ from $9.95

Say goodbye to wasteful plastic tubes and hello to a minty fresh smile. David’s premium natural toothpaste is fluoride and SLS free, and comes in the cutest recyclable metal tube. Oh, and it’s proudly made in the USA!

Etee Minty Vanilla Chewpaste ~ $12

If a tube is just not your speed, welcome to the world of chewpaste: a plastic-free modern way of brushing your teeth. Simply pop one of Etee’s little toothpaste pills in your mouth and brush away! It’s that easy.

Moon Valley Organics Hand Lotion ~ $11.99

After typing all day or taking notes by hand, your fingers are going to need some rejuvenation. This hand lotion is made from all natural organic ingredients and is packaged in both recyclable tin and post consumer recycled content. Made with love in Washington.

For Your Kitchen…

Redecker Dishwashing Brush ~ $10.00

Not only do you not have to put your hand on the dirty sponge part (ew), but Redecker’s dishwashing brush head is fully replaceable, and the old one can be composted when you’re finished with it.

Reusable Silicone Stasher Bag ~ from $11.99

Now this is an investment you should really make, like right now. While it’s easy and cheap to buy Ziploc baggies for everything, it’s incredibly wasteful. Stasher’s silicone bags last much longer, and keep harmful plastic out of the ocean. Bundle and save 5%.

Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap ~ from $18.00

Another investment you might be wary of making, but I promise it makes all the difference. Beeswax wrap replaces wasteful cling wrap and is 100% compostable when you’ve worn it out. Might take little while though…

Three Bluebirds Reusable Swedish Dishcloth ~ $6.95

One of these dishcloths = 17 rolls of paper towels. Read that again. Need I say more? (Well actually, I will say more. The designs are pretty freaking cute as well.)

For Your Electronics…

Biodegradable Phone Case ~ from $39.99

Did you know that the phone case industry produces over 1 BILLION plastic phone cases a year? Well Pela is working to end that. Their phone cases, airpod cases, and watch bands are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Right now buy 1 case, get 1 case free!

Eco-Friendly Laptop Case ~ $23.99

Protect your precious laptop with a custom made padded laptop sleeve, crafted from repurposed cork and eco-friendly felt material. The 5 stars say it all.

House of Marley Eco Earbuds ~ $19.99

Music lovers, you’re welcome. House of Marley’s eco earbuds feature a 99% post-consumer recycled polyester cable and FSC-certified wood. Not to mention, they look awesome.

I hope you find this sustainable back-to-school guide as fun and helpful as it was for me to make it. Remember that it is always better to shop directly through the small businesses website, rather than through Amazon, even if it's more convenient.

If you're still looking for a sustainable alternative to a product and you don't see it here, comment below or contact us, and we will make a part 2! Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list so you never miss a thing. And don't worry, we won't clog your inbox.

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