How it all began...

It all started when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen. I witnessed the role entrepreneurship and design played in encouraging sustainable lifestyle practices. I decided to bring this awareness back to Colby College through a project called Just Ripe. The goal was to prompt conversation surrounding food waste (and to have a healthy alternative to regular ice cream!) Through conversations with friends and teachers, however, I realized the issue of waste stems from more than just old bananas, and that the project's sustainability objective should encompass all types of waste from food to fashion, plastic, and more.


That was when the Conscious College Project was born. 

We live in a throwaway society, a world of excess spending and conspicuous consumption. How do we dial it down and bring us back to our roots? Large-scale global issues become less challenging to comprehend when we dial it down and focus on what WE can do. Whether it's global or local, food, fashion, or other forms of waste, there are simple changes we can make to our college lifestyle that can help us become more effortlessly sustainable both on and off campus.


And we believe it starts with mindset. Awareness. We want to encourage YOU to use whatever your interests are -- art, writing, poetry, music, computer science -- to create a more conscious and sustainable environment. Using this platform, we want to have conversations surrounding waste to spur new ideas that prompts us to critically reflect on the actions we take, however minute, and the implications it has on our local communities and climate at large. We want sustainable lifestyle habits to be the new norm for everyone, and we want our fellow students and college institutions to pioneer that change. 

We all have a role to play as students. If we are given 80,000 hours to address the world’s most pressing problems, what would we do? How would we prioritize these issues given the resources and skills we have at our disposal? What meaningful and positive impact will you leave on your college campus?  

Take a look at 80,000 hours' website and job board. We can each contribute something however small or large based on our skillset. We have four years in college: that's 35,040 hours to leave a positive impact in the campus community. Do something meaningful with your passion, strengths, and interests. Through your engagement with our project we hope you will  be a conscious advocate for socially and environmentally responsible habits.


We are ready to make an impact, so join us in this journey. Be a conscious student. Create a #consciouscollege.

Jocelyn Meyer

Ali Nislick

Olivia Wandres