Our Mission

To educate ourselves about waste on college campuses through projects, activities, and educative seminars. 

We are also committed to continually understanding and acknowledging the intersectionality of environmental justice, and how climate change disproportionally affects marginalized communities. 

It's time to make sustainability the norm.

It's time to make sustainability accessible for all. 


Why Waste?

Let's face it, living on a college campus (and going to college in general), is an immense privilege.

Take a second and think to yourself: do you know where the food in your dining halls comes from? Who grew the potatoes? The amount of energy it took to process them into french fries? Do you know where it goes if you waste it? What about the water in the bathrooms, do you know its origin and its final destination?

While we could have focused on carbon emissions, the burning of fossil fuels, or issues such as transportation or deforestation, we wanted to focus on something we could control on a daily basis, and especially something we contribute to and take advantage of on campus.

By focusing attentively and thoroughly on waste, we can create tangible changes in our campus communities, as well as learn just how much we do control as individuals. 


We are college students with a passion for normalizing sustainability. 

Students are the future, and as students, we have every right to fight for the world we want to see. Learn more about our journey below! 



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